Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Sucker Test

When JT was about 7 months old, he fell off the bed while we were in a hotel room in Las Vegas.  I was totally freaking out, which did nothing to help calm down JT.  I saw a sucker sitting on the counter and gave it to JT to calm him down.  He calmed right down and seemed to have forgotten that he had fallen off the bed.  There have been many falls since then as well as bumps, bruises and scrapes.  Every since that fall off the bed, when JT gets hurt, I do the "sucker test" to see if he needs to go to the hospital.  That sucker test has prevented me from an ER visit all but once.  Tonight- JT bumped his forehead pretty hard on our iron bed while he and daddy were playing.  Of course, I did the sucker test.... what do you think?  Was an ER visit necessary?  Not only was it not necessary, but when I brought the camera out - JT brought out his charm.  He is such a poser.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Little Man ~ My Little Ham...

JT is such a ham!  I guess since he has had his picture taken every day since the day he was born, he is pretty used to the camera and pretty used to "working it" for the camera.  This morning, at breakfast, he looked over and saw the camera that I had left out last night.  He stopped eating and pointed to the camera and babbled at me non stop.  I told him to eat - but he continued pointing to the camera and babbling. I said "JT, do you want mommy to take your picture?" And he smiled brightly, so I grabbed the camera and snapped some shots.  Boy - was he working it for the camera today!  Striking poses right and left.  His cute little expressive faces were cracking me up and we had a wonderful time with our little photo shoot.  These are the pictures I snapped of him, in the order they were taken.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Battle to Become a Mom ~ A book.... maybe?

OK - for many many years, I have wanted to write a  book.  When we lived on a boat, I talked about writing abook about the adventures of living aboard a boat from a woman's perspective.  I never wrote it.  When I managed an apartment complex for the mentally ill, I wanted to write a book about those adventures.  I never wrote it.  When I was in Iraq, I had planned on writing a book on my adventures as soon as I returned home.  I never wrote it.  I still want to write a book.  What I am seriously considering, is writing a book on our battle with infertility.  A battle that took us to a combat zone and back.  I am honestly not sure if anyone would be interested in this story.  I am not sure I could actually write any thing that would be entertaining enough to captivate an audience.  Chris, of course, is constantly encouraging me, yet my insecurities hold me back.  Tonight, I sat down and wrote an introduction to the story/book.  If I could get you, my friends, to read the introduction and give me an HONEST opinion on if you think it would be interesting or any suggestions you may have- I would appreciate it.  Thanks, and here is the introduction:

Here I sit, a civilian, surrounded by a bunch of Marines on a C130 – packed in like sardines my body is getting so stiff from sitting in one position, unable to stretch my legs or even move my arms.   The weight of the flack jacket I am wearing makes me even more uncomfortable and the sweat is dripping off my head from underneath the Kevlar helmet on my head.  My very first time ever on a military plane and the sound is deafening and my heart is racing as I hear the crew person telling us that the lights are off due to the fact that we are flying over a combat zone –  it is safer this way because it is harder for the enemy to hit a target they cannot see.  I sit and wonder, what in the heck am I doing here?  I can’t believe I am actually flying in to a combat zone.  It feels so surreal and I think back to the reason for this adventure.  Most people assume it is for the money and in a way – it is.  For twelve years, Chris and I have been struggling with infertility.  There is nothing I want more than to be a mom.  The tests, the procedures, the medicines, the surgeries – none of them have resulted in a successful pregnancy.  Each failure, each miscarriage, each negative pregnancy test bring more heart ache.  This opportunity, this adventure – it is the answer to prayers.  This will give us the resources we need to try one last thing – In vitro Fertilization. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Playmate for the day

JT is so used to me being his playmate that the poor kid does not really know how to act around kids.  I am trying to get him play dates, but so far, they are few and far between.  We were lucky to have a play mate for the entire day on Thursday.  At first JT just kind of stood back and watched her play with his toys.

But once she offered to share a toy with him, he warmed up to her.

He even reciprocated by sharing his Gumby with her.

Not sure why JT does this - but he bangs his head - usually when he is tired or frustrated - or not getting his way.

But this time - when his playmate saw him - she joined him for the head banging as well.  I thought maybe he would realize how silly he looked and stop - but nope - he just joined in and banged his head with her.

They finally stopped, and the kissing began.  At first JT was not so sure about it

but then he seemed to enjoy it just a bit too much.

Thank goodness he let her know "enough is enough"

JT finally got so exhausted that he was willing to take a nap, despite the fact that he had someone to play with besides mommy.  He got a kiss night-night from his friend and FINALLY took a much needed nap. 

I think all in all - the play date went well and we are hoping for many more to follow.  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Little Photographer

Chris got me an IPOD Touch for Christmas, but it seems it was more like a "family" gift, than a gift for me.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Chris draining the battery from playing Angry Birds all night, or JT commandeering it to play the Peek-A-Boo game app.  I also find it extremely entertaining to see the pictures JT takes on the IPod.  Most of them are what you would expect from a one year old 

but some of them are not so bad...who knows, maybe he will follow in his cousin Ethan's footsteps.